Gear up parents, it’s back-to-school


August not only means the slow end of summer, but also a celebration of moms everywhere as their children prepare to head to classrooms- it is the back-to-school season!

For the stay-at-home mom, school means a reprieve from eight weeks of all kids all day. For the working moms, school is nothing more than an official pardon from the frantic – and expensive – summer camp/daycare scheduling nightmare. For all moms, there’s the sudden realization that you must now clothe your children in something other than tee shirts and shorts. It’s time to start shopping for back to school.

Being the second biggest shopping season of the year, we know parents are looking into shopping for school supplies that range from school uniforms, stationary (pencil cases, notebooks, water bottles, and colored pens), textbooks, school bags to computers and much more. All this doesn’t have to be a grueling task for you or your kids. Qatar’s local business search, a product of Ooredoo has simplified everything by listing categories of where you can find and purchase anything you need to help you stay organized and prepare your kids for a successful year.

Further, thought letting you know where to find all the back to school hot deals will help save that extra Riyal:

  1. Jarir
  2. Safari
  3. Sports corner
  4. Shoe Mart
  5. Carrefour
  6. City Center Doha
  7. babyshop
  8. Ramez
  9. Ansar
  10. Grand mall

Let your kids ace their school year by being the envy of the class. Help them find their favorite designs with pictures of their iconic characters!

Happy shopping!

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