4 tips on effective social media marketing


Social media has certainly become a basic element in everyone’s life either as a socializing or marketing platform thus making it a precious and powerful player in the online marketing game. Social networks are a great option for advertisers because of their advanced targeting options, cost efficiency, reliable conversion tracking, and prevalence on mobile devices.

Obtaining a social media presence for any company will not guarantee a large number of followers instantly; you will need to grow by posting updates regularly with relevant and straight forward information.

Advertisers prefer social-media platforms because they gather various types of data such as each user’s age, search patterns, interests, location etc. This means that ads can be aimed at them with an accuracy that is unattainable with analogue media. For example, Primedia Qatar sent ads on behalf of tatlub.com to the Facebook pages of people who had expressed interests in online shopping through their search patterns and are within Qatar. The ads were captivating enough resulting to great attention from our intended audience.

So how can you make your ads stand out?

  1. Know where your audience will be

The best way to generate maximum revenue through social media is by exploiting all networks available. This way you will reach out to a larger varied audience.

Think about who your target audience is for the particular post you are going to send out. For instance,

If Primedia is giving details about advertising on a new online directory we just launched then our target audience will be between age 35 and 60 years, in the B2B sector because this is where decision makers and industry influencers are likely to fall. Therefore posting to students is likely to be a little bit pointless.

Stats show that 71% of internet users are on Facebook and out of all the social media networks this is the most popular in general but certainly the most popular for the older generations.

Therefore, if posting on social media to target anyone over the age of 30 it makes sense to post on Facebook. If it is a slightly younger audience that you are seeking to captivate then it would be great to post something unique on all social media channels.

LinkedIn is unique in the way that it targets business professionals and is great for B2B companies. There is also an option on LinkedIn to specify who you specifically want to target, however, if you do not select this, it will target everyone, which is still a win-win.

2. Be unique and engaging

You can’t just generate followers and likes by posting a lot of content that is meaningless and irrelevant. You need to ensure that every post you make is an effective one that engages positively with your chosen audience.

For instance, posting a picture that somehow explains what you’re trying to communicate will be more engaging when compared to plain content. Images always draw attention hence, resulting to more followers and likes.

Alternatively, posting content with a short amount of words to read can be effective and this can be accompanied by a video that educates the reader about your product. It is easier for them than reading long paragraphs, most people skim text or if it’s too long they tend to just skip past it, hence reasons why Twitter only allows 140 characters.

You have to remember that there is a lot happening on social media so people don’t have time to stay in one place for a long time. Further, you have to be engaging from the beginning and draw their attention.

The best posts on social media will let the reader know the main detail from the first couple of lines, images or catchy videos.

3. Maximize your chances of being seen

Once you’ve spent your time considering exactly what to write to engage with your audience effectively you now need to ensure that they are there to read it.

There are optimal posting times on every social media site that you need to be posting in. Think about the audience you want to speak to. Are they likely to be working through the week? If so then try to post something relevant to them at around half 5 – 6 o’clock.

Post relevant material at least twice a week- reasons being you don’t want to annoy your followers with too many posts. Try to catch people before they go to work, on their lunch break and when they finish work. If you’re reaching out to a younger crowd through Instagram then you can post as late as 10 pm as they are likely to check this network before sleeping. Different social media channels have different optimal posting times, to get the most out of social media, its best to do your research to find out when your target audience will be on social media and which channels their use.

4. Schedule your posts

Take a look at creating a Hootsuite account for your business as you can control all of your social media networks through this site. Hootsuite also allows you to schedule your posts in advance which means that you don’t need to be constantly signing onto social media and you can prepare your posts for the whole week allowing you to concentrate on other important business tasks.

Happy Reading!


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